Course exam for mining

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1) Do all businesses need safety representatives?

2) If a requirement for information and consultation between employers and workers' representatives on issues of importance to the working conditions?

3) How much additional to normal salary, is the employee entitled to in connection with overtime work?

4) Must foreign workers have residence in Norway?

5) Does the safety representative have the right to stop ongoing work?

6) Who is responsible for organizing and facilitating the work in relation to the various workers' age, competence and employability?

7) Are workers entitled to a written employment contract?

8) Are employees required to contribute in HSE work?

9) Is discrimination on grounds of age permitted?

10) Who has the right to educational leave?

11) How often should the business HSE system be reviewed and evaluated?

12) Who is responsible for ensuring systematic prevention and monitoring of sick leave within the company?

13) Is a company with two employees required to implement an internal control system?

14) Who should have access to the register of injuries and illness that occur during the performance of work?

15) How much overtime, can the employer can impose?

16) Does the employer's duty to facilitate physical activity for their employees?

17) Do all companies have a working environment committee?

18) Shall employer register injuries / illness that occurs during the execution of work for their employees?

19) For how long can you hire a person temporarily?

20) What is "normal working hours"?

21) Are part-time employees and temporary employees cherished through anti-discrimination legislation?

22) Who has the burden of proving that the notification of unacceptable circumstances is happening according to regulations?

23) Which industries are SHA concept relevant for?

24) Can an employer impose safety representatives( and any advisors) confidentiality?

25) Who is responsible for the introduction and follow up of internal control systems in the enterprise?

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