The main focus for this position will be on cold exposure experiments in vivo and in vitro, to describe the potential effects on thermosensoric and mechanosensoric sensitization, and investigation of the biological mechanisms activated. The project/position is organized under the department-group of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (AML) at the department of Work Psychology and Physiology (APF).

Job description

Duties for this position is to work in tight conjunction with the project Principal Investigator (PI) to be a main driver of the ICElab project in the laboratory, which includes:

  • Establish cold exposure models and behavioral assays in mouse (e.g. Von Frey, Hargreaves, thermal choice, tail flick)
  • Handling and managing animals/transgenic mice (e.g. Cre/flox, colony management, cold-exposures, telemetry, mouse surgery and dissection)
  • Determine relevant cold response mechanisms and establish calcium imaging in cultured cells
  • Perform and manage experiments with human volunteers in a climate chamber
  • Other project-related activities (e.g. ordering and maintaining lab supplies and equipment, advicing students in the lab, attending regular project meetings)
  • Maintaining compliance and full focus on project issues.

Required Qualifications

  • PhD degree in biological science (preferably neuroscience, molecular physiology, cell biology) and previous laboratory experience (preferably > 3 years) with strong experimental and methodological background compatible with duties listed above
  • Ability to work and troubleshoot independently
  • Record of peer-reviewed publications
  • Qualified candidate must be a highly motivated, critically thinking, detail oriented, responsible individual with effective computer, organizational, and English communication skills. Eligibility to work in Norway is needed
  • Qualifications in molecular biology, bioinformatics, flow cytometry, cell culture, live cell imaging, and in vivo experiments in mice will be weighted.

Salary and benefits

  • Postdoctoral position, code 1352 “Postdoktor” is remunerated according to salary NOK 486.100 – 577.400 per year on the Norwegian State Salary Scale, commensurate with qualifications and experience
  • Membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, which includes a pension scheme, insurance and favorable house loans.


–    Project Principal Investigator Fred Haugen, tel.: +47 23195267,
email: fred.haugen@stami.no
–    Department-group leader Bo Veiersted, tel.: +47 23195375,
email: bo.veiersted@stami.no
–    STAMI Research Director Margrethe Schøning, tel.: +47 23195130,
email: margrethe.schoning@stami.no

Accession:     As soon as possible

Deadline:       31st of March 2017


Please send your CV, 3 references, and a statement of interest.

Further references and publications may be presented at an interview

Application: Postdoctoral position

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